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April 30, 2006 at 2:53 pm
Rang De Basanti 

When your tagline says, “A generation awakens”, it means serious business. A great dream and a very high aim for yourself. This “sms generation” for whom anything beyond four lines is a lecture, you are presenting a two hour forty minute dawdle. I am surprised that it’s been accepted so well. But since perfection is an illusion, I still hear people say, “Yeah, nice movie. But then what’s the point? Should we take up arms in response to whatever’s happening?”. This write-up is for people with this attitude towards the movie. 

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra says it loud and clear in the website and as well as in the movie (Aamir says it on AIR), “Zindagi jeene ke do tareekhe hote hain. Ek, jo ho raha hai, usse hone do, bardaasht karo. Doosra, jo ho raha hai usse badalne ki khoshish karo”. “There are two ways of living life. One, accept (in fact he says tolerate, but acceptance is a better virtue) whatever’s happening and live. Two, accept the responsibility to change whatever’s happening and do it.” RDB is a movie about the second type – responsibility.

So, what happens in the movie? The five boys take up arms, kill the Defense Minister and get killed themselves. So isn’t the answer obvious? Take up arms and kill the Minister! But you know that nobody will publicly acknowledge that it’s a possible step. So, people begin thinking this way and shirk their responsibility. It’s unfortunate that people think this way and spoil the spirit of the movie itself. It’s these people, who actually are of the first kind (accept that life is like this and continue to live) but think that they are of the second kind (responsible to change whatever’s happening) who speak like this. They are caught in a tremendous identity crisis.

Ok. I agree you can’t decide what kind of a person you are. Atleast respect the sensibilities of people behind the movie: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Director/Producer, Screenplay), Ronnie Screwwaala (Producer), Kamlesh Paandey (Screenplay and Story), Aamir Khan (Actor) and others. Do you think they would make a movie to inspire youngsters to take up arms? Call it “Rang De Basanti”, and spend Rs. 30 crores to just incite violence in the country? What a joke it would be!

Since we are not able to be strong, we also say is the system really screwed up? We try to cover up for our lack of knowledge. Some of our esteemed NRI’s who stay abroad start thinking publicly about how the system needn’t be victimised by films like these. It’s happening for heaven’s sake! Why would over 200 MiG planes crash over the last 15 years? Think! Damnit think!

I have dealt with the Government during my early days in my job. I know what a dirty game it is. I refused to be a part of such stuff and resigned. But I know that it’s still happening. Despite knowing I am unable to do anything about it. It’s my money, it’s our money that goes waste that way. And people ask, why is the gap between poor and rich getting wider?

Like Madhavan’s character, Flight Lieutenant Ajay Rathod says, “Is desh ko badal sakte hain. Police main bharthi ho jaao, military join karo, IAS bano, politics main utaro aur badalo is desh ko. Lekin hum nahi karenge. Pata hai kyon? Apni ghar ki safai main apne haat koun gande kare.”

Yeah maybe he stops with Police, military, IAS and politics. But the essence of the message is that, “Have you ever tried to do anything? Sitting and cribbing is so easy to do. Go out there and do something first”. And that’s the awakening that is intended to be brought about through the movie. And what’s the interpretation? The movie suggests that the answer to all the problems is violence. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Finally, “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota. Usse perfect banana padta hai” [No country is perfect. You need to make it perfect!]

You, Me, Us! We can do it!

Mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara!

April 29, 2006 at 10:05 pm
Rang De Basanti  thodisi dhuul meri dharti ki mere watan ki - 2 thodisi Khushbuu baurai se mast pavan ki thodisi dhondhane waali dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhak-dhak saansein jin mein ho junoon junoon voh boonde laal lahuu ki yeh sab tuu mila mila le phir rang tuu khila khila le - 2 aur mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara mohe tuu rang de basanti mohe mohe tuu rang de basanti - 9 oh mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti - 2  Take some soil from the land of my country, And a little scent of its sweet air, And a little breath of ours, In which there is the passion of our blood, Add everything and enjoy the colour that blossoms, Colour me with the colour of patriotism my friend!   sapnen rang de, apne rang de khushiyaan rang de, gam bhi rang de naslen rang de, faslein rang de rang de dhadkan, rang de sargam aur mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara mohe tuu rang de basanti (thodisi dhuul meri dharti ki mere watan ki - 2 thodisi Khushbuu baurai se mast pavan ki thodisi dhondhane waali dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhak-dhak saansein jin mein ho junoon junoon voh boonde laal lahuu ki yeh sab tuu mila mila le phir rang tuu khila khila le - 2 aur mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara mohe tuu rang de basanti)  Colour your dreams, colour your people, Colour your happiness, colour your sadness too, Colour generations, colour the crops, Colour the heartbeats, colour the melody, And colour me with that colour of patriotism my friend! Colour me with that colour of patriotism!    dheemi aanch pe tuu zara ishq chadha thode jharne laa, thodi nadi mila thode saagar laa, thodi gaagar laa thoda chhidak chhidak, thoda hila hila phir ek rang tu khila khila mohe mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara mohe tuu rang de basanti  Place love on a simmering flame, Get a few streams and add rivers, Get some seas and oceans, Sprinkle a little, stir a little, You will find one colour that blossoms, Colour me with that colour of patriotism my friend! Colour me with that colour of patriotism my friend!    basti rang de, hasti rang de hans hans rang de, nas nas rang de bachpan rang de, joban rang de ab der na kar sachmuch rang de rang rez mere sab kuchh rang de mohe mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara mohe tuu rang de basanti  Colour your streets, colour your hands, Colour your smiles, colour your veins, Colour your childhood, colour your youth, Don't wait anymore colour me fully, Colour everything, Colour me with the colour of patriotism my friend! Colour me with the colour of patriotism!   thodisi dhuul meri dharti ki mere vatan ki - 2 thodisi KHushbuu baurai se mast pavan ki thodisi dhondne waali dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhak-dhak saansein jin mein ho junoon junoon voh boonde laal lahuu ki yeh sab tuu mila mila le phir rang tuu khila khila le - 2 mohe mohe tuu rang de basanti yaara mohe mohe tuu rang de basanti - 9 mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti - 4 rang de rang de rang de basanti (ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding) - 3 mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti basanti mohe rang de basanti rang de basanti rang de basanti  Take some soil from the land of my country, And a little scent of its sweet air, And a little breath of ours, In which there is the passion of our blood, Add everything and enjoy the colour that blossoms, Colour me with the colour of patriotism my friend!  My Apologies to Mr. Prasoon Joshi for not bringing out the true spirit of the song. I wanted it to reach out to a wider audience. That's all! I get inspired everytime I listen to this song!  And Mr. A R Rahman, you never cease to amaze me Sir! Take a bow!  Thank you for such a great song! 

Meeting S – Part II

April 29, 2006 at 2:03 pm
September 1997

Same place. SJM Samudaya Bhavana. Second round of counseling. Counseling in this part of the country meant seat-selection. Second round meant that if there were any students who chose medical seats and dropped their engineering seats or vice-versa [very rare phenomenon – this vice-versa!] they get a chance to review their choice and pick a better seat if available.

We bump into S and his father again. S was more candid this time.
I said, “Hi”
S replied, “Hi”

I asked, “So elligadru shift maado idea idya ninge? Athava NIE Mech khushi na?” [Are you planning to shift anywhere else? Or are you happy with NIE-Mech?]
S answered, “Nammappa helta iddare E&C togo antha. BMS nalli ide. Aadre nange ista illa. Nanu Mysore ge barbeku antha iddini”[My father is asking me to take up E&C that is available in BMS. But I don’t want to. I want to come to Mysore only]

I asked, ”GMR quota nalli BMS E&C sikkta idya?!” [Is BMS E&C available under GMR quota?!]
S, “Hun ide” [Yeah]

S asked me, noticing my fixed look on the electronic display board, “Neenu enadru change goskara nodta idya?” [Are you looking to shift out?]
I answered, “NIE Mech nalli 5 seat mikkide. Inna 100 jana counseling aagbeku. Adenadru iddre nanu baro thanka, nanu adanne togoteeni. Illa andre JCE – IP ne saaku nange” [The board is showing that there are 5 seats left in NIE Mech. There are 100 people to go. If there is a seat remaining till my chance then I will shift in there. Otherwise, I am happy with whatever I have]

“So nanna jote ne barthiya?” [So, you will be joining me?]
“Nodana. Luck hengidyo gottillvalla!” [Let’s see. You never know when luck deserts you!]

As we finished the conversation, S moved towards the counseling table. And since we were 34 ranks away, I had no idea what happened to him. Whether he chose BMS E&C or stayed with his selection.

When it was my chance, there were exactly 3 seats left in NIE Mech. And surprisingly I ended up at the same smiling guy’s table!
I just shouted, “NIE Mech” on reaching the table lest anybody grabbed my seat!
He comforted me by saying, “Neevu seat togoLo tanka bere yaarigu access iralla sir. KutkoLi”. [Till you choose your seat, others cannot choose from the seat matrix sir. Please be seated.]
That’s when I realized my father was still standing!
So I cooled down. Did I really? I don’t think so. I didn’t believe that smiling guy. This time the smile wasn’t there. But it still haunted me!

“NIE Mech”, I repeated showing my receipt of fees paid for SJCE IP.
“Good choice Sir” he said looking at my father.

My father was also happy. One of our relatives was a lecturer in this college and several of our acquaintances had studied in this prestigious institution. This confirmation from the smiling guy only strengthened our belief in the choice that we had made.

The look on my face was of absolute relief! To be among the last ones in this race is really a pressure cooker situation. And somewhere while doing my homework for engineering colleges in Karnataka, I had told my aunt, “Nange yako anista ide that I will get into NIE, Mechanical antha”. [My sixth sense tells me that I will get into NIE Mechanical!] And that was a good six months before today!

Before we could get up and leave, the smiling guy said, ”Neevu first round nalli SJCE IP select maDidaagle ankonDe nimmge ee round nalli NIE Mech sigutte antha. Sikktu. Congrats sir!” [When you selected SJCE IP in the first round itself I guessed that you will get NIE Mech in the second round. Congratulations for getting it Sir!]

And that was the reason for his smile! “Thanks” we replied. And came to the foyer again.

S was there with his father. I approached them with a wide grin on my face. I had this victorious feeling that I had earned my seat in the General Merit Category!

I walked upto them and said, “Nange NIE Mech sikktu” [I got NIE Mech!]
S’s father, “Congratulations kanappa! Neenu ivanu ottige irabahudu hangaadre!” [Congratulations my son! You and my son can be together!]

I couldn’t resist the temptation of asking, “BMS E&C togollilva?” [Didn’t you pick BMS E&C?]
S, “Illa, Togollilla” [No, I didn’t take it.]

I asked without any sign of remorse in my voice, “Nijavagilu open aagi itta BMS E&C?” [Was BMS E&C really available?]
S, “Hun, ittu”

If you haven’t changed your option in the second round, you wouldn’t be loitering around in the foyer. So, what were they upto here? And as usual, I asked them the same.

“Illi enu madta idya hangaadre?” [Then what are you doing here?]
I had no sophistication about myself then. And never did I attempt to get better!
“Nanu general merit ge shift aagbitte. NIE Mech ee aadre” [I shifted from Rural quota to General merit keeping NIE Mech constant]

“Sari bidu. Olledu. NIE nalle sigana hangaadre. Bye” [Ok then. Let’s meet at NIE]

The next step in the procedure was that: You need to go to the concerned college, submit the receipt and get your seat confirmed. Also, if necessary make your booking for the college hostel in case you are a non-localite and needed accommodation.

My father and I went to Mysore by bus. Though we preferred a train journey, we didn’t want to risk missing the working hours of NIE. We wanted to finish the formalities and return the next day to Hyderabad.

We are at NIE Mysore. And guess whom we meet there? Yes! Brilliant answer! S and his father again! This time S and I took the lead in completing the formalities. As it involved just going to the office and submitting our documents and saying “Hi” “Hello” to them and coming. Also, additionally by then S & I had realized that we needed accommodation. So, we had to approach the Manager of the Hostel too.

By then S had told me that he was a very influential person. He knew the secretary of NIE Management committee who was in fact in-charge of assigning hostel accommodation. The clerk at the office told us that we needed to talk to the secretary itself. And also added a footnote of information saying, “As far as I know, hostel accommodation is not available”. And that’s when S told me about his high-level contacts.

We came out of the office and by then our fathers were having a conversation. My father was telling S’s father, “Sankethi hostel antha yavdo idyalla, alli try madtivi. Nodana sigutta antha.” [There is a hostel called Sankethi hostel, we’ll try our luck there]
S’s father, “Sari sir hangaadre. Bandillvanthe secretary sahibru. Avaranna bheTi aagi horadteevi” [Okay Sir. The secretary has not yet come. We will meet him and then make our move] and he continued, “Aditya, all the best mari. Namma hudugannu nodko chennagi. Ibbaru ottige iri. Guide maadappa namma huduganna swalpa” [Aditya, all the best to you son. Take care of my son also. Both of you be together. Please guide my son also]
I answered, “Uncle, naanenu guide madodu. Nange enu gottilla. Ibbaru ottige anthu irthivi uncle. Hogbittu barteevi. Bye S” [Uncle, What do I know to guide him? But we shall be together for sure. We will take your leave. Bye S.]
S answered, “Bye”, with a smile on his face.
The fathers shook hands and the sons exchanged smiles bidding farewell to each other.

Little did we know that this farewell was going to be the beginning of a friendship that would blossom into one of the best ever relationships. S (Sameer alias Sam) and I stayed (almost!) & studied together at Mysore. As if to prove uncle (Sam’s father) right, we stayed together during engineering and even much after.

Sam graduated from NIE (Mechanical Engineering) in 2001. Worked with I.I.Sc. for two years as a research associate. Topped in GATE 2003 (Vulgar percentile he got: 99 point something! I almost disowned him after his results!). He is presently pursuing M.Tech in Aerospace structures from IIT Bombay.

Meeting S – Part I

April 28, 2006 at 9:56 am
June 1997
It was that time in a student’s career when he is about to choose a college where he believes a platform for his future will be set. Sitting inside the SJM Samudaya Bhavana where the CET counseling used to take place then, I was thinking of what lies ahead for me. One thing I knew for sure is that I was going to be in Mysore. The question was: NIE or SJCE

Having secured a rank of 2930, I was well poised for a seat in NIE. I could choose from Mech/ EEE/ IP or Civil. My dodappa [father’s elder brother!] had told me that EEE involved lot of head-breaking studies and that Civil was not a branch with great opportunities. The infrastructure boom was not even on the horizon then. So that only left Mech and IP as the two branches for me to pick from. But there was one problem – you won’t be able to get into Software Industry from these branches. Of course, the boom went on to surprise us!

It was the first round of counseling. My father had come with me. We were sitting on seats which were in a 2 + 2 fashion like in a hitech bus. One student and his escort on each pair of seats. It was my father & me on one pair and next to me was S’s father & S on the adjacent pair of seats. This was the arrangement:

My father-Me-S’s father-S 

S’s father: “Enappa ninna hesaru?” [What’s your name?]
Me: “Aditya, Sir”
(S’s position: Looking away from the conversation)

S’s father: “Localite aa neenu?” [Are you a localite of Karnataka?]
Me: “Hun Sir” [Yes Sir]
(S’s position: Looking away from the conversation)
My father and I talk to each other in telugu. Hence the question. But since I was talking to so many other people around in Kannada, he started the conversation with me in Kannada. And I love Kannada!

S’s father: “Elli college odiddu?” [Which college did you study in?]
Me: “Hyderabad nalli”
(S’s position: Looking away from the conversation)

S’s father: “Hyderabad nalli odiddre localite henge aagtiya?” [How can you be a localite if you did your college in Hyderabad?]
Me: “Nanu seven years Karnataka nalli odiddini. Plus ondu public exam kooda bardiddini. 4th to 10th standard. Hangaagi nanu localite! [I have studied in Karnataka for seven years and also written a public exam. So, as per rules am a localite of Karnataka]
(S’s position: Looking away from the conversation)

S’s father: “Estu ninna rank?” [What is your rank?]
Me: “2930”
(S’s position: Looking at me with great interest and anxiety as if I was going to tell a secret that would expose his position! After my answer, he was back to his ‘looking away’ position.)

S’s father: “Enu togolona antha idya?” [What are you planning to choose?]
Me: “Branch yavdadru parvagilla, Mysore beku aste nange!” [Whatever the branch be, I want to go to Mysore!]
(S’s position: Looking away from the conversation)

S’s father: “Adeno CS togondre, E&C togondre ella bright future ide antharallappa?! [They say that if you choose CS or E&C branches you will have a bright future, is it true?]
Me: Adella gottilla nange. Yaava branch togondru opportunities naave create madkobeku allva?! So yaava branch togondre enu heli?! [I cannot comment on that. Whichever branch you choose you need to create opportunities. So, how does it make a difference which branch you choose?]
(S’s position: Looking away from the conversation)

S was actually looking at the Electronic board displaying the rank numbers being called for counseling. It had reached 2890. His rank was 2896. So he was tense. They went off after sometime, and I turned my attention back to the big electronic display board.

The person with 2929 rank was choosing a seat. The seat availability board read:

GMU quota (GMU: General Merit Urban)
NIE, Mysore
Mech – 00
EEE – 04
IP – 23
Civil – 27

SJCE, Mysore
Mech – 00
EEE – 06
IP – 18
Civil – 25
I had made my choice. As soon as I went to the desk, I said “SJCE – IP”. The person at the counter gave me a strange smile, which I was not able to interpret. I was not in a mood to interpret actually. 

Then we walked upto the foyer (fees-paying counter in fact) of the CET cell. I was happy that I had got my Mysore seat. My father had no problems since I had what I wanted. But that smile was haunting me. What did he mean? Why was that smile necessary?

Near the foyer we bumped into S and his father again. I asked him what he had picked.
He said, “NIE – Mechanical”
I said, “Congratulations!”

I started thinking. As long as I remembered there was no seat available in GMU quota. So immediately without any hesitation, I asked him how it was possible?

He said, ”GMR Quota. General Merit Rural.”
I said, “Oh ok” 

And just turned (as rudely as possible) and walked away from the scene. I hated reservations right from the beginning of my education.

(I used to always wonder why I should pay Rs.450/- as fees where some other people could get away by paying only Re. 1! I had a friend during my schooldays. He belonged to the SC/ST category. He was also the son of the District Commissioner of Mysore. He could bloody well pay the entire fees. But he would pay only Re. 1/-. With due regards to his father, I think he could have risen to that level by making use of the benefits arising out of the reservation policy itself. Which very well means that the policy has achieved its objective and can be withdrawn henceforth. But then what are we mulling today? 49.5% reservation in IITs and IIMs?Reservation for SC/ST in private sector?! I support Lok Paritran!)

KSS Get-together!

April 24, 2006 at 6:04 pm

1997-2001 was the period when this hostel was our hang-out. Mornings would dawn at 10AM because the mess would close for breakfast by then! Then if college forced something important enough into our time-table then we would vaguely stroll in there and be back by lunch time so that our afternoon siesta didn’t get affected.Then started the actual day with a long two to three hour session of cricket. Technical, non-technical, sankethi, non-sankethi, etc what not! We had our own political boundaries! And lived religiously played fanatically by them! Then after the cricket and the sledging and a wash, the TT table would be the next place to attack!

After the sports-time would be a walk down to Anusha Bakery in pursuit of our indigenously designed snacks. Bun-Samosa by Sammu was a stunning recipe I tell you! Though largely inspired by Vada-pav, this item had its own fan following! Recommended combination: Bun-Samosa with Limejuice.

Generally, there would be some evening outing on the agenda. If nothing, then definitely a walk till Ballal circle for the sumptuous chat items on the roadside! Well, we didn’t have as many bikes as there might be now! The walk in the serene roads of Jayanagar and Krishnamurthypuram is worth a million dollars. I am sure all of you in Bangalore will give me an unconditional vote on this topic! Trees on both sides of the road, topics varying from philosophy to pornography and sports to spirituality and technical to take-anything, we grew from graduates to professionals ready to take on the corporate world.

Dinner at the mess. We always had a sad word for the “Bhatru”. But still had nowhere to go! After dinner started the movie shows. Each computer worth its salt would run a movie and depending on your ability to stay up throughout the night, you could watch as many as you wanted. But the movie shows wouldn’t begin before the customary visit to “Corner” for the night-coffee! Anyways before you knew you would be asleep in some room or the other watching some movie or the other. So, the first thing that you do in the morning at the hostel is: Get-up and go to your room!

On April 23rd 2006, Sunday, at Ramee Guestline Hotel, Bangalore, those days were relived. 2001, 2003, 2004 & 2005 were the batches represented. 2001 batch won the High Enthusiasm Award by turning up in large numbers. As anyone would expect, the day went of in sports, food and sports!

On April 23rd 2006, Sunday, at , Bangalore, those days were relived. 2001, 2003, 2004 & 2005 were the batches represented. 2001 batch won the by turning up in large numbers. As anyone would expect, the day went of in sports, food and sports!Shastri, KP and I accorded Narendra’s red-colour well-formatted mail more seriousness than it deserved. We added the usual KSS Hostel FoS of 1hr to every timeline mentioned and arrived in front of the resort at 11AM. Here are a few excerpts of the conversation we had with the organizers.

At 10.00AM (We were at Koramangala)
Adi: Hello
Nari: Hello
Adi: Ello idya?
Nari: Lo Sheshadripuram serakke innondu 5 mins agatte. Vishnu manege hogta iddivi.

At 11.00AM (Outside the resort)
Adi: Hello
Vishnu’s phone (His sister/mother I guess): Hello

Adi: Vishnu iddana?
V: Snana madta iddane (!!)

Adi: Idu resort bagge confirmation bekittu
V: Neevu Narendra na? Vishnu helidda Narendra phone madtane antha. Adakke phone ettakke helidda.

[Please note: It’s 1 hr since my conversation with Nari, and he hasn’t reached Vishnu’s house which was apparently 5 mins away. Yarappa Manager ivaga?!]

Adi: Illa nanna hesaru Aditya antha. Vishnu snana aadmele phone madakke heli.
V: Sari helthini.

Adi: Thanks.
V: Ok. Bye.
Adi: Bye.

Finally Lodde and his little cousin Amit arrived. Amit studying in his 9th standard resembled Lodde a bit. So, we thought Lodde has got his najayaaz aulaad along!

Energized by the fact that somebody finally came, we went into the tennis court and started with the first sport for the day: Tennis. KP developed special styles of serves where in you hit the ball out of the resort by imitating Roger Federer. Federer would have been amazed by the shots Lodde was playing. Lodde was hitting the ball into the stands directly. You know like the ones they play after winning the match?! I was the only one serving properly!

As we progressed into the game, we were joined by Siddartha (2005), Sireesha (2005), Ananda (2005), Ashwatha (2001), Ravishankar (2004), Vishnudatta (2001) & Narendra (2003). Tennis was getting very western for us. One ball, two rackets was not enough for all of us.

While people strolled onto the life-size chess board, Ashwatha used his intelligence and got stumps, bat and ball for a game of KSS’s favourite sport: Cricket.

We settled into two teams of 6 each and started a 10-over 2-innings test match. Lodde and I captaining the two sides. Lodde won the toss and elected to bat. His decision was supported by some good display by his team. At the end of the 8th over they were 39-4.

Ragundandan and Ramaprasad (2001) came in at this time. So, as is the hostel’s custom – none should miss a game – Raghu joined the batting team and Rama joined us strengthening the bowling. Finally Lodde’s team ended the innings at 42 of the allotted 10 overs. (Special mention must be made of Raghu here. As he came into bat, he asked for an explanation of the rules. A detailed speech was given to him by both: his side players and the opposition side. This held up play for approximately 5 mins in the hot sun at 12.30PM. The very next ball Raghu launched it into an area which was designated as “OUT” area. But he managed to stand his ground and said “Trials kanrappa”!)

My team fell like ninepins with me scoring a royal duck. We managed to get to double figures because of a couple of welcome boundaries by Siddartha. We folded up at 17. Lodde’s team had the option of enforcing a follow-on. But they didn’t. After a hectic session of fielding they went back to bat. We restricted them to a paltry 21 runs with some ferocious bowling by KP and team.

Set a target of 46 runs, it was a foregone conclusion that unless we produced a miracle we were never in contention for the title. Our openers – Ashwatha and Rama set a superb platform by scoring 12-1 off 2 overs. A mini collapse meant that we reached 19-3 (3 overs) with Siddartha and I batting. We held fort with some sensible batting. And steadied the boat to an extent.

We came to a stage where we needed 10 runs off 4 overs. It was 2 runs required off 2 overs. Vishnudatta came on to bowl. He bowled a slow full toss which Siddartha did a “Well-left” only to find the ball land on his leg stump from around his legs! We had only one wicket in hand, 2 runs to go and ten balls to go. KP was not in the best of forms. Psychologically he had attained the “Navella uncle galu aagbittiddivamma state”. So he was like the Mohd. Kaif of our side. Retained so that he can hit form at the right time!

KP takes strike. Vishnu with the ball. Instantly the memories of our cricket tournament at the hostel came running back to me. Anyways, concentration was the key to winning this title. So, back to Resort grounds. Vishnu bowls one down the leg side to reduce the burden on KP’s woeful form! The next ball KP plays it down the leg side and that was it we had won! Yay!

It was 1.45PM and all of us were damn hungry. So, immediately made a dash to the Dining room. During the course of the lunch it was announced that Vishnu was getting married in November and Mine was in June! Raghunandan announced referral bonus to anyone who referred an Iyengari girl to him. (Overheard: Bonus is subject to the girl staying with him for more than 6 months!)

We also saw famous playback singers Srinivas, Sujatha and Karthik. They were having dinner with us in the same resort. But we were more interested in the starters, rumali rotis and the chat items! After quite an elaborate lunch, we were all ready for the next course. That was Swimming pool for some, Badminton for some and TT for the rest.

After a really exhausting day but nevertheless exciting and exhilarating, Shastri, KP and I had to leave as I had a bus to catch the same day back to Hyderabad. So, at 4.00PM reluctantly as ever we pulled our exhausted limbs to the parking lot but not before exchanging our contact numbers.

Throughout the drive back home, it was the same feeling as having played an evening of cricket at KSS Hostel Jayanagar and going to Anand Bakery. I sincerely hope that such meets are conducted often. Kudos to Narendra for having thought of this. Heartfelt thanks to Vishnu for getting the right resort at the right price. Really wonderful time I had and am sure everyone vouches for it! And thanks to all those 15 people who made it! Next time, let’s make it bigger and better! Jai Hind!

Photos taken by Narendra and Shastri (On Narendra’s Nikon D70) have been uploaded on flickr. You can click on the “badge” hosted on the right side of this blog below “My Profile” to take you through a visual tour of the event described in words above! Thanks Nari!

My father in the news

April 20, 2006 at 7:51 pm

An article in the Business Standard quotes my father regarding the financial results of Infotech Enterprises Limited.

Infotech Enterprises will be spending Rs 34 crore on plant and machinery and Rs. 30 crore on development of the facility. According to S Nataraja, vice-president (finance and accounts), Infotech Enterprises, the expansion will be financed primarily by internal accruals and partly by debt.


April 17, 2006 at 7:41 pm

So, we have lived according to what the society has said so far. I guess that is clear. We studied school from 1st to 12th std. Then did some kind of a under-graduation and so on and so forth. Why? Well, because everyone was doing it we also did it. Anyway, let’s not get caught with that question. Let’s ask some other, different, questions this time round.

When I was in my 1st std I was a person A. When I was in my 2nd std I had become a person B. The difference between A & B might not be much. But think of this: the difference between the person I was when I was in my tenth standard and the person I was during my undergraduation was immense. Where was this difference? In Character? In Personality? In Emotional maturity? In Intelligence? Or in a combination of all these and much more?

Let’s call this “difference” as “growth” as it is commonly named by the society. This growth is definitely a positive aspect of our lives. By moving from following one rule set by the society to the other rule, my growth has also happened. This growth to an extent has happened by limiting myself to the rules of the society. Is it possible that the growth can be more in case I followed some rules set on my own?

Whatever is the quantum of growth, by following the society’s rules, the performance of this growth is measured with money. Where does this growth take us finally? I die a wealthy man? A very wealthy man? Ok, forget the money aspect, will a die as a man having many good relationships? Will I be remembered as a very nice man at heart? [Come to think of it, who isn’t a nice man at heart?!] So what is this growth we are all attaining? Every day, every moment, we are growing. So, what are we growing towards?

If I consider the yardsticks with which society measures my growth then I will always be unhappy. There will always be something that’s lacking. And I will be running behind whatever’s lacking. Finally, when I am gone, I neither wouldn’t have touched the finish line of the race [because something is always lacking] nor would I be a happy man. What’s the use?!

Welcome the Kamuthian!

April 12, 2006 at 3:22 pm

“A chemical engineer by Academics, A management graduate by Specialisation , An analyst by profession, An expat by the host” screams his blog.

What Mysore is to me, Kamuthi is to him. Hence his blog is named: Kamuthian. You want to know more about Kamuthi and this young man? Please visit his blog:

Please welcome Mageshram, my classmate, room-mate and good friend to the blogsphere! All the best Magesh! Keep blogging!


April 11, 2006 at 7:40 pm

Over the past few days, I have been wondering what we are doing out here?

When I was young and just had learnt to speak, people would ask me what I wanted to be after I grew up. I don’t remember what I used to answer. But am sure they expected – Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, etc. I still see the same questions being asked and the same answers expected. One of my younger cousins who was very impressed with all the bedtime stories answered, “Lord Vishnu”. Quite understandably it was met with laughter.

Come to think of it, whatever your answer might be, you are always running behind something. Let me change the subject to “Me” because otherwise it might seem very rude! Few years back, I was running behind the X std marks. Then it was the XI and XII marks! [AP has public exams for both the years!] Sometime later, it was engineering percentage. Then MBA ogpa! And all for what? Money! It is all about money honey!

Picture this, I am told respectability is what we are looking for by gathering all this. Very good. Then let me go and stay in a hut and do social work. Respect me for my simplicity, possible? No, I don’t have money. Respect is there, but err… ahem… excuse me!

Respectability comes from where? Society. Who or what is this society? Congregation of people looking out for mutual respect. More the money, more the respect! Will these people come to help you when you are in trouble? Sorry, that’s your problem and we don’t interfere in others’ problems. So, what use is this society of? Practically nothing. But every second of your existence you are concerned of what is spoken about you by the society! Respectability you see!

Finally, all the functions in your houses that take place, what are you trying to achieve? If it’s a wedding, then it should be grand, na?! Why? Why not a simple wedding in a temple in front of your beloved Gods and close relatives? Nobody ever gives a thought to such things. You do it because the society expects it. And also because your relative/ neighbour did it like that and he/she doesn’t earn even half as much as you do! So, there we go! Society. Status. Respect.

No, we are not doing it because someone did it. We are doing it to the level we can. Level? What’s that? An euphemism for status. Looking out for a certificate from the society. Are we doing it okay with our level or not?

Whether I become a lawyer, doctor, engineer, manager or a whatever, I am always asking this question from the society and expecting a satisfactory answer. Not that I want to be like that. The problem is that I have been taught to live that way. Everybody around me lives that way so that should be right! Everybody = Society!

Unfortunately, Life has been defined in this way. Money is the root cause. Well, I don’t deny you need money to survive [again unfortunately it is the crudest form of barter system!], but then excessive preoccupation with money, status, respect leads to doom! And you are becoming all those things [Doc, engr, etc] in life because you want that money. Right?

Why can’t we “Just Be”?
Okay, I may be or may not be Lord Vishnu, I don’t know.


April 10, 2006 at 6:34 pm
and Forth!
It’s been a while since I blogged anything at all. A few sporadic comments here and there and that was it. Everytime I read someone’s mail or chat, or spoke to anyone, one question was for sure: “Adi, what happened? No updates on your blog off late?”.
Lot of things happened from my last blogpost to today. Let’s take it one at a time. Changed jobs, shifted base from Chennai to Hyderabad, got engaged, changing jobs again, shifting base again back to Chennai! [I don’t blame you if you lost count of my movement back and forth!]
Yes, from the month of May I ll be back in Chennai. Will get married in the month of June. June 16th to be precise. So from then on it will be a case of Naya ghar, nayi gaadi (?), nayi biwi! ;)
Till then, let me do some decent blogging then. Yes, am back! :)