When time came to a halt

February 12, 2007 at 12:46 pm

Whoever said time doesn’t wait for anyone wasn’t present at Narada Gana Sabha on the 11th day of February. Time paused for me. I saw A R Rahman. After 15 years of adoring, praising, writing, reading, mailing, drooling (over his music), getting lost in it, wondering how he could come up with that, admiring and sometimes just amazed into silence, here I come face to face with A R Rahman.

The function was slated to start at 6PM but after waiting for the chief guest A R Rahman for sometime, they started at 6.45PM without him. But I was waiting outside the function hall to catch a glimpse of the man. He came in at around 7.15PM as the time stamp indicates. And he rushed in. 

That’s him and that’s his Innova. There were lot of people who stood next to that car and clicked photos while Rahman’s driver looked on amused! I have made a mental note of the car’s registration number. From now on every Toyota Innova will be an object of respect because I would have lowered my eyes to first check if the registration number matches 1771!! :))

A tale of two Traffic Signals

February 7, 2007 at 11:14 am

Venue: Teynampet Traffic Signal, Chennai

Listening to: Some vague programme on Radio City, 91.1 FM

Who is the only Indian to have participated in Formula One Car Racing? a. Karun, b. Narian Karthikeyan. Please sms “Rang your answer (a or b) followed by your name, location to 7007″ to win exciting prizes!

I looked up at the signal timer and saw that I had another 60 seconds to pass. I took the mobile out of my pocket and sms’ed “Rang b Aditya, Ashoknagar” to 7007. The signal turned green and I proceeded.

My strategy was this: Radiocity is the only channel that anchors all its programmes in half-tamil and half-all other languages and hence the tamil audience would not be interested in the channel. Rather the more important fact would be that Radiocity plays songs of all languages – Tamil, Hindi and English and hence its listener base would be that much lesser than the tamil channels. And added to this is the fact that Radiocity is the newest on the block and hence is trying to catch up on listener base. So, I thought I had a chance of winning that exciting prize! And so did I!

Exciting prize = two tickets to ‘Traffic Signal’ at Seasons (new theatre in Sathyam multiplex) 10.15PM show. Like my wife said, this was ‘a tale of two traffic signals” 

And here’s the review.

Culture of a city

February 2, 2007 at 4:01 am

In one of my posts, we had a discussion about the culture of Mysore. Vatsan compared it with Chennai’s culture and said:

Mysore will become another silicon valley and lose its identity :), im pretty sure.

Chennai retains its identity because the labour working in IT firms is largely frm in and around TN, and chennai has close connections with TN, culturally speaking, chennai is an overgrown village. if mysore doesnt have roots with karnataka and workers don come frm the state, then Mysore will lose its identity just like blore :)