Apple’s iPhone worries

October 3, 2007 at 3:22 am

A price reduction of $200 (approx Rs. 8000/-) by Apple on their 8GB iPhone (Price after reduction: $399), would have been such happy news if considered in isolation. But when you consider that they did that within two months of launching the phone and also stopped production of the 4GB model (priced at $499 at launch), it should rank among the worst-ever strategies to have been undertaken.

There is a probability that Apple would have gotten away with this if they had done this in India considering the ancient laws we have protecting the consumer. But in America, I believe you have a possibility of making $1 Million if a company does such a thing as Apple has done. Check it out. A customer who had bought a 4GB iPhone for $499 has sued Apple for $1 Million.

We, in India, need a system in place to atleast to help keep the consumers aware of their rights.

I, for one, am pretty miffed with Nokia for announcing that the price of its latest phone Nokia N72 is Rs. 9399/-. I paid Rs. 9696/- for it! :( Let me look up my consumer rights booklet immediately and keep my resignation ready.

Thinking in the background: $1 million means Rs. 4 crores. 1 Mercedes Benz (Rs. 60 Lakhs), 1 flat and 1 farmhouse in Mysore (Rs. 40 Lakhs)… anyone wants a loan?! :D

Bandh to strike this time

October 1, 2007 at 4:19 am

On March 31st, 2007, the same Government (?) converted another Bandh announcement in the past to a public holiday. It was just a matter of conversion from ‘Bandh’ to ‘Public Holiday’. Nothing else mattered. I mean constitution had to be upheld, the common man’s life was the last thing on their minds.

And today they have converted the ‘Bandh’ to ‘Strike’ in view of the Supreme Court’s observation of why not implement President’s rule in TN?

And there in Karnataka, I guess people themselves will go on a Bandh in few days considering all the confusion in the coalition.

Sometimes, the pitfalls of a Democratic system become showstoppers. I guess we need some infusion of youngsters into our political system. Though the process has started I guess even we, the common people, need to get our brains in one place and infuse sensibility into our system.