The A R Rahman effect

May 29, 2008 at 11:16 am

Watch this video. Must be the youngest fan of A R Rahman joke the others in the video. But it again says a lot about A R Rahman.
PS: This is not my son. But my son is equally musically inclined if not more.

Parents and parenting

May 29, 2008 at 5:35 am

Watched this movie ‘Santhosh Subramaniam’ yesterday. Its a tamil remake of the telugu blockbuster “Bommarillu“. Here is a feel-good review about the movie. I am not sure it is so pleasant to sit through, but it is okay. The point of bringing it up here is that I wanted to discuss the concept of the movie. I liked the fundamental idea of how an over-caring parent can actually affect the childrens’ lives. Though I have certain differences in the way I think reality pans out and the way the movie does. The discussion here is not about the movie. I just want to pick the concept and start a thread here on it.

Parents, some of them, do not realise that they are overstepping their roles under the garb of ‘caring for their children’. In fact overstepping would be the wrong term to use. They would cease to be parents when they don’t understand what’s the best interests of their children. There are some parents I know who always are with their children, physically present I mean. As absurd and practically impossible as it might sound, I know some of them who do this. A manifestation of this is seen in the mentality of the parents while deciding on sending their children out of station for studies. That child has to make a living on his/ her own and you need to give him/ her the best possible education. If the best means outside the city you are staying in, then so be it. What is the big deal? The kid will stay outside your shelter during his/ her formative years and will learn to deal with the world on his/ her own terms. This will help the kid become a much better person. Why can’t parents understand this?

I know a father of two who had to send his younger daughter for her MBA to a city that’s around 300+ kilometers away from his home city. He reacted as if the daughter was being pushed into the dungeons knowingly. It took me quite some time to convince him and then his wife started off with her usual “She is a kid, will she be able to manage?” kind of stuff. Well, I told them, its precisely why she should be sent there so that she will learn to manage. Manage herself, her friends, her stuff, and pretty much everything that relates to her. Hostel life is something that teaches you what you need to do yourself to become successful in life. And such overprotective parents really affect the development of the child. Today the child can walk into a railway station all alone, spot her train, get into it and reach the destination without any pangs of pressure. Just ask her mother to do it – she cant travel alone even to save her life! Even her dad (the mother’s dad) is not sure if she will reach the destination for which she is seated in the train! And she wants to bring her daughter up to become like her.

Bengaluru inter’naasha’nal airportu

May 27, 2008 at 2:32 am

Why does anyone build something new? Usually because the old one had developed certain problems that could not be solved by incremental fixes. So we now move from HAL airport to Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL). Let us capture the problems that were faced at the HAL airport before examining the BIAL airport. This is purely from the domestic airport point of view.

    Congestion while getting into the airport:

This was a two fold problem – one, getting to the airport through the traffic jam on the airport road, etc and two, once near the entrance to the airport there used to be so many vehicles there that getting out of your vehicle and making it to the security entrance would be a pain.

    Waiting space post-security check:

I have once waited for a flight standing for 40 minutes. The average must hover around 20 minutes standing.


I must have missed this one in the old airport because I have always spent time standing! :D Anyway if there was one at the HAL airport then were the duds at the check-in counter sleeping?!

An old A R Rahman interview

May 21, 2008 at 3:51 am

This part of the interview leaves me with goosebumps and teary eyes. And also speaks volumes about the spirituality behind his music. No wonder people want to call him God, which he is for so many singers and instrumentalists for whom he has selflessly transferred fame. Anyway thats a post for another day. For now, its over to this video.

Feeling good

May 21, 2008 at 3:39 am

There are times when the right spoken word can really make you feel happy for days. That’s exactly what happened to me.

I had invested all my effort, days and time into making a report for one of our investee companies (I am an investor now. Check out my about page). I spent two nights sitting awake completely, purely working on this document. I had, for some strange reason, taken this assignment as a do-or-die for me. There had been many fingers raised and pointed at me for my lacklustre communication in official documents, maybe that was the reason. My boss guided me a lot on putting it all together. She is a good friend and a well-wisher who I knew before joining this organization.

Finally, the d-hour came when my super boss saw the document. He is known to be a stickler for detail and presentation. To get a document through him is equivalent to getting a piece of paper through a shredder unshred! As he opened it, I could feel my heart in my mouth and could have donated it to him since he anyway did not have one, atleast while looking at written documents. The first word he said just blew me away. “Good!”. Thankfully nobody was looking me because I had broken into an involuntary grin! And somehow could never bring my lips together to shroud my teeth! Yeah that’s how much I was grinning. I mean imagine SB (super boss) saying it was good. Good! Good?!! As he browsed through the document he said thrice “Good”, “very good” and “good”. And capped it off with another “Good, looks like lot of work has gone into this document”. That was it! That pretty much sealed it for me for all the work I had done.

Post Script: SB is not always looking at criticizing. He is actually a very stable and balanced person. He rarely has any biases against anyone or anything. It’s just that his standard of quality expectation from a common man like me is very high. But it’s good because now I know that if I stretch myself I can reach the standards he expects out of me. That’s what actually is making me feel good. The belief that I can do it. Had lost it somewhere along the way. The regaining process has just recieved its first boost!