June 26, 2009 at 12:37 pm

That’s what my son calls Cricket!

And that’s exactly what I am upto nowadays on the weekends. This game makes me look forward to my weekends. There is a club called RunsNwickets – which was formed by some wonderful people (KK, Anba and Guna) that I have had the fortune of coming in touch with. The unique aspect of this club is that any cricket enthusiast based out of Chennai is welcome to join in! And that’s exactly what this club is excited about – cricket enthusiasts. If you are one and are in Chennai, just walk in.

Coming down to my experience with the club so far, though short in time, has been most wonderful to say the least. Had two nets sessions and two cricket matches in the last 5 weeks (we play only on Sundays) and brought back those old school and college memories of real cricket. Played lots of tennis ball cricket in the meanwhile (since college) but nothing matches the sound that emanates from a willow that has just timed a cricket ball sweetly. The smell of the cricket kit and the pink colour of your palms is unbeatable!

Before we begin to romanticize my cricketing exploits on this blog, we must understand that I am over 100kgs heavy and over 6ft tall. And my wife says I didn’t run even when she complained of contractions. Little does she know that I was actually doing my 100m sprint! ;) In case you still didn’t get what I mean, this is what it is: If I stand straight and look down I can’t see my two feet! (I can’t get more direct than that without affecting my self esteem!!) While my ability to run between the wickets is suspect, the inability to be a good fielder is confirmed.

My record so far has been this in the two matches I have played in so far:
First match:
Fielded first. Was at third man and long off. Did not let a single ball go through me. And did not concede an extra run where there was none. No dropped catches. I got a pat from my captain and team too for my fielding esp since there were quite a few misfields and dropped catches!
When my turn came to bat, we had to make 61 runs of 30 balls. I made 8 off 8 balls which included a boundary and thought I did a good job. But my running between the wickets, I must admit was pathetic. I would run the second run as if I did not have a thigh bone. I was at the wicket for about 20 mins i.e. till the last over and if we had a coach, as we did in schooldays, he would have dropped me the very next minute!
Scorecard is here. (Yes, club cricket tournaments in Chennai have online scorecards!)

Second match:
Batted first. Was scheduled to bat at #5 or #6 like last match but our top order stuck in there brilliantly. We posted some 180+ runs for the loss of 2 wickets.
Fielding was just about okay. Same position. I intend to make that my own because it suits me and my current physical outline. Same things again: Didn’t drop a catch, didn’t concede any extra run, no misfields. But no improvement either. So no pat nothing. Need to get my act together in the next match coming up on Sunday. Pray for me! :)
Scorecard is here. PS: I didn’t take any catch. The scorer thought he had be generous and credit one to my name! ;)

A small note on tennis before I end: Just finished watching Federer’s third round match at Wimbledon 09. Smashing form he is in. Though he dropped a set I would still say it looked like he wanted to give himself some more time on the centre court! Go Federer Go!