Federer 1, 2, 3,…,15

July 6, 2009 at 3:28 am

Found this wonderful article summarizing the 15 Federer wins in numbers. I think they should replace the number Fifteen with Fedteen! Awesomeness personified, humility magnified and perfection achieved. The greatest. Period.

1 – Federer’s new South African Airways 2009 ATP Ranking after winning the Wimbledon title; Number of times in the past 17 Grand Slams that he has not reached the final.

2 – Number of times Federer reached all four Grand Slam finals in the same year (2006-07)

3 – Australian Open titles won (2004, ’06-07) and three times he’s won three Slams in the same year

4 – Times (or more) reached final in each of the Grand Slam tournaments

5 – US Open titles won (2004-2008) and number of times Federer has lost to Nadal in Slam finals

6 – Wimbledon titles won (from seven consecutive finals)

7 – Consecutive years of winning at least one Grand Slam title

8 – Eight losses in his streak of 21 consecutive semi-final or better Grand Slam appearances

9 – Countries of opponents he’s beaten in Grand Slam finals (Australia, Chile, Cyprus, Great Britain, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and U.S.)

10 – Record consecutive Grand Slam finals reached between 2005 Wimbledon and 2007 US Open

11 – Appearances at Roland Garros before winning first title (same as Andre Agassi) and number of different opponents he’s beaten in Grand Slam finals

12 – Titles won during his 2006 season, when he came within one match of completing a calendar-year Grand Slam

13 – Titles won in his streak of 20 consecutive semi-final or better Grand Slam appearances

14 – Ties Pete Sampras for the most Grand Slam singles titles in the history of men’s tennis

15 – New Grand Slam titles record