People ask me what’s with this name ‘Mysorean’ for the blog?
I owe a lot of myself to this town/ small city/ whatever you want to call it. I feel there are certain personality traits associated with being a ‘Mysorean’ and I satisfy almost all of those traits involuntarily. One of the primary traits is this: Whenever someone calls Mysore a ‘sleepy town’ [or anything equivalent], a Mysorean laughs out loud, agrees with them outwardly and feels overjoyed inside that ‘ah! that’s one more person who does not understand the essence of my Mysore’. And feel happy that it is going to remain as it is forever without such dumb people.

Will this blog talk about the various tourist places or something related to Mysore?
Going by the name of the blog it is obvious that someone asks me this question. And I must have been asked this question atleast hundred times as on date. To answer the question simple and straight: NO. The blog might touch upon Mysore and other related places if I feel like it, but there is no mandate that I have defined for this blog to promote tourism in Mysore or any such noble objective.

Why are you running this blog?
This is by far the best question and trust me I have asked this myself frequently. Each time there is only one answer that comes up: ‘To express myself’. No that’s not a copy of the AirTel tagline, but that’s truly what this blog is meant for. An expression of myself. Sometimes I bare myself here, sometimes I discuss global politics, sometimes I am just silent. This blog purely reflects what is going with me in my life and in my mind. If you have any more questions for me, use the comments section and we can discuss.

Read my disclaimer because it is there.