a-Satyam: Do we really know?

January 8, 2009 at 3:07 am

I am sure by now you are innundated with mails and news reports about how and what Ramalinga Raju did to Satyam. Of course he built it up from 0 to 50,000 employees but he also has put all of their careers into serious uncertainty. Do you appreciate this man for having built an organization so far or just plainly accuse him of fraud for his confession as the standard reaction has been? As far as I am concerned, I am still reeling under shock.

Blasts minds and energies

July 29, 2008 at 12:21 am

25th July 2008, Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore, 3.00PM
I was there attending a conference when my colleague flashed the screen of his blackberry at me which had breaking news from BBC: “Bangalore, IT Capital of India, rocked by serial bomb blasts”

I was not so sure about what to do next if at all anything was necessary to be done. So, I just backed out of the conference called my wife and told her that I was fine and sat down for a few minutes trying to get more information about the blasts. Called up a friend who told me that there was one at Sarjapur Road. I was staying 100m from there at my friend’s place. My friends still stay there – I mean it is their permanent house as they say in this part of the World. Let’s assume these terrorists had planned these blasts a day before, I would be one person gone for sure as I was walking around that place the previous day.

Watch out!

July 22, 2008 at 5:58 am

Read this:

The partly charred body of 48-year-old Basha was found lying in a pool of blood. This is the fourth murder under similar circumstances in the Ashok Nagar and Vadapalani area in the last one month, the police said.

I stay in Ashok Nagar with my wife and our 15-month old son. She is alone in the house for most of the day as I am away at office. While she is definitely scared about the whole thing, I am worried about one thing: What the $#@!% is the Ashok Nagar police doing? I mean they are hardly a kilometre away from where all this is happening and the murders continue to keep happening. I guess if the victim was a rich man they would have done something, but since the profile of the dead is like rag-picker, watchman, etc they seem to be displaying ample apathy.

The noise about Nano

January 11, 2008 at 12:32 am

There is one thing that I don’t understand. Are we those critics that change our fundamentals everytime we make an argument? Are our rules different for different people? At times like this, my thoughts are confirmed.

Tata releases their Rs. 1 Lakh car named ‘Nano’. ‘Nano’ means the small one in Gujarati. It looks good. 624cc engine; 20+ kmpl mileage; 20% larger than Maruti 800; own one today and pay Rs. 2200/- per month for 5 years (there must be a downpayment clause that I must have surely missed); satisfies all safety norms; obeys all emission norms (Euro IV and BS III).

Everything sounds too good to be true. And maybe that’s the reason there is so much of argument about this car increasing road congestion, pollution (apparently sheer volumes will push up overall pollution), making roads uncomfortable for pedestrians and others.

But please help me understand one thing: Why blame Tata Nano for this? What about the automobiles that have been sold till now? Are not they creating congestion? People make me sound like an idiot when I ask these questions. They go “C’mon, it’s because of the congestion that those cars have already created that we are asking ‘Nano’ not to make it worse”. This is like punishing the best because he did not enter the market earlier.

And coming to the problem on the roads and the Nano there may be an obvious link between the two, but the responsibilities for each are with different entities. The Indian Government must wake up and take measures to avoid further congestion. As citizens, I guess there is a need for mass agreement to obey traffic rules. And as far as I can see, both these things don’t seem to be happening in the near future. If I am wrongly informed, please correct me. Handcuffing corporate organizations with country’s economic problems and asking them to stop developments on innovation and cost reduction does not sound necessarily right to me.

Apple’s iPhone worries

October 3, 2007 at 3:22 am

A price reduction of $200 (approx Rs. 8000/-) by Apple on their 8GB iPhone (Price after reduction: $399), would have been such happy news if considered in isolation. But when you consider that they did that within two months of launching the phone and also stopped production of the 4GB model (priced at $499 at launch), it should rank among the worst-ever strategies to have been undertaken.

There is a probability that Apple would have gotten away with this if they had done this in India considering the ancient laws we have protecting the consumer. But in America, I believe you have a possibility of making $1 Million if a company does such a thing as Apple has done. Check it out. A customer who had bought a 4GB iPhone for $499 has sued Apple for $1 Million.

We, in India, need a system in place to atleast to help keep the consumers aware of their rights.

I, for one, am pretty miffed with Nokia for announcing that the price of its latest phone Nokia N72 is Rs. 9399/-. I paid Rs. 9696/- for it! :( Let me look up my consumer rights booklet immediately and keep my resignation ready.

Thinking in the background: $1 million means Rs. 4 crores. 1 Mercedes Benz (Rs. 60 Lakhs), 1 flat and 1 farmhouse in Mysore (Rs. 40 Lakhs)… anyone wants a loan?! :D

Bandh to strike this time

October 1, 2007 at 4:19 am

On March 31st, 2007, the same Government (?) converted another Bandh announcement in the past to a public holiday. It was just a matter of conversion from ‘Bandh’ to ‘Public Holiday’. Nothing else mattered. I mean constitution had to be upheld, the common man’s life was the last thing on their minds.

And today they have converted the ‘Bandh’ to ‘Strike’ in view of the Supreme Court’s observation of why not implement President’s rule in TN?

And there in Karnataka, I guess people themselves will go on a Bandh in few days considering all the confusion in the coalition.

Sometimes, the pitfalls of a Democratic system become showstoppers. I guess we need some infusion of youngsters into our political system. Though the process has started I guess even we, the common people, need to get our brains in one place and infuse sensibility into our system.

Burning bridge

September 18, 2007 at 3:03 am

It was the year 1996. Hyderabad was the city. The then CM Chandrababu Naidu was on a Hyderabad beautification spree. One of the main items on his agenda was road widening. Too many encroachments and the roads had become too narrow for the growing volume of traffic. If he wanted investment to come into Hyderabad he had to make the infrastructure attractive and make it easier for people to move around within the city.

During his road widening spree, there was one thing that he religiously followed. He would go around demolishing everything in the way of his proposed wide road except places of religious worship. It could be a temple, mosque, church or a gurudwara, he would just leave alone that area of the road that’s covered by the structure and convert it into a roundabout. He did that to respect the beliefs and sentiments of the religions involved. He did not want to arouse riots in the city because of relocating a structure of religous belief. He never thought about demolishing any of them.

I only wonder why our central Government cannot have an ounce of sense while deciding to go ahead in demolishing the Rama Sethu (Adam’s Bridge)! It is connected too deeply to the sentiments of the Hindu religion. It is considered to be the bridge built by the vanarasena for Rama to cross over the sea to Lanka to bring back his kidnapped wife Sita.

Now questions like: Whether the bridge was really built by man or not? (Technically, the question should be ‘whether the bridge was really built by monkeys or not?’) OR Whether Rama existed or not? OR any other such inane question is irrelevant. Rama is a Hindu God and he needs to be respected for it. If there is something in this world that can be connected to people’s faith about Rama then it needs to be respected. You cannot go and demolish it straightaway. Apart from the sentiments, faith and belief of the Hindus, you also need to consider various other points.

  • Underwater sea life is going to be damaged
  • Danger of tsunami increases with the demolition of the bridge
  • Livelihood of the local fishermen
  • In my opinion, the Government would be committing political harakiri by going ahead with the demolition. Even the US wants to preserve the Rama Sethu. [Link] And TN CM Karunanidhi (He leads a party called DMK that’s a part of the coalition government at the centre) isn’t quite helping matters by releasing statements like these. “Who’s Ram?”, he asks. Hey Ram!


    September 13, 2007 at 2:07 am

    A few of the sentences (those scrolling headlines) I came across while changing channels on TV:

    This was on Headlines Today. It should be called Headless today!

    First scroller:

    Second scroller:

    Third scroller:

    Fourth scroller:

    KSRTC adds another feather to its cap

    August 4, 2007 at 4:26 am

    Sometimes I am amazed at the way KSRTC operates. Here is an article that talks about the introduction of low cost air conditioned buses. They ran a pilot (talk about professionalism) for three months between Mysore and Bangalore @Rs. 100/- per ticket. The bus can seat 60 people. It’s called ‘Sheetal’. Add that one to your Rajahamsa and Airavatha product lines. Great going KSRTC!

    Faith is no longer blind

    July 20, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    I have had this debate with many people for long. I had always advocated tolerance towards all religions if not acceptance. But recent developments have left me and my faith in such a philosophy questioned. And as always, it is again Islam under the scanner.

    More than the feeling of my philosophy being questioned I am wondering if I was totally wrong in the first place itself. As in was I wrong to include Islam in my list of ‘all’ religions to be tolerated? Were my friends who strongly opposed every bit of the religion right?